What is AID CHAMP?

AID CHAMP is a legal person under private law, as a non-profit civil association, recognized by the National Sports Authority of Peru as a Sports Organization, formed by its associates in order to promote the modern sport of historical combat, based on in related martial arts, to promote the national and international representation of coaches and athletes, as well as the training of leaders. Specifying the cultural and sports integration of parents and fans.

AID CHAMP is the abbreviation in spanish of International Sports Association of Ancient and Modern Professional Historical Combat.

Its functions include the following:

a) Promote, guide, spread and carry out the practices of the following martial arts and sports based on combat techniques historically used in different Western and Eastern cultures that are developed in modern times through padded simulators, wooden or steel replicas from Europe, Africa, America, Oceania and Asia, such as the following disciplines:

  • Modern Sword Fighting
  • Kalaripayattu
  • Sqay
  • Kali Kombat
  • Soft-HEMA
  • HEMA
  • Soft-Buhurt
  • Buhurt
  • Duan Bing
  • Sport Chanbara
  • Padded Weapon Sport Sword
  • Safe Weapon Sport Combat
  • Warbout
  • Swordplay
  • Mashoonga

b) Organize, participate and support the organization of local, regional, national, international and world tournaments.

c) Represent international sports organizations that do not have a National Federation or legal representation in a country of the disciplines promoted by the Association.

d) Accredit natural persons or legal entities as sports promoters of the Association through the National Committees in the country of residence that are implemented by agreement or resolution act.

e) To enforce the international competition rules of the sports represented by the Association.

f) Recognize groups of athletes or independent teams that do not have a sports club and practice the disciplines promoted by the Association.

g) Grant endorsement to the manufacturers and products of the sports teams of the disciplines promoted by the Association.

h) Facilitate the obtaining of sports equipment necessary for the practice of sports and martial arts related to the Association.

i) Publish books, manuals, regulations and publications related to sports and martial arts related to the Association.

j) Provide seminars, workshops, courses, training and teaching of sports and martial arts related to the Association.

k) Provide legal advice or consultancy in relation to the sports legislation of each country, as well as the sports statutes and regulations of the international organizations represented.

What International Organizations AID CHAMP represent?

 AID CHAMP through his President Juan Espinoza, represent:

  • The International Federation of Modern Sword Fighting (from Russia)
  • The International Council of Sqay (from India). 

AID CHAMP support a some sport promotors from spanish speakers countries who are agrouped to develop and implement three new sport disciplines:

  • Warbout
  • Safe Weapon Sport Combat
  • Soft-HEMA