Founded in September 2020 in Perú, we have International Organizations who trust in our support and strategies to expand their disciplines in a lot of countries.
The International Federation of Modern Sword Fighting (Rusia - https://www.ifmsf.com/) and the International Council of Sqay (India - http://www.sqayindia.com/) endorse us to bring the practice in countries where they have not practitioners.
Our interests is form new groups of practitioners who promote the discipline in their countries, support to acknowledge them as Sport Promotor and support them to set a legal sport club too.


Our Story

Board of Directors

Meet the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is elected each two years. There a President, a Main Secretary and a Treasurer. The promotors of each discipline are representant by National Commitees. To contact them please email.


Team Members

Club Deportivo Corsarios

Country: Peru
Club: Corsarios
President - José Alvarado

Asociación Mexicana de Modern Sword Fighting y Softcombat

Country: Mexico
Club: Asociación Mexicana de MSF y SC
President - Irwing Guzmán

Asociación Turia Innovación Deportiva

Country: Spain
Club: Asoc. Turia Innovación Deportiva
President - Dario S. Rodriguez H.

International Federation of Modern Sword Figthing

Country: Russia
Club: International Federation of MSF
President - Maria Davydova
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Contact Details

Email: coordination@aidchamp.org