Escuela Reigikan

President - Manuel Perales
Country: Peru
Club: Reigikan
Brief info

Founded in 2000, when sensei Manuel Perales obtained the 1st Dan of Karate Do - Shoto Kan, it was established as a de facto association called "School of Training Martial Arts - Reigikan" teaching karate to boys and girls from Kindergarten to High School.

In the following years, he was introducing elements of European historical martial arts with weapons, complementing with oriental martial arts.

Sensei Perales, in 2017 he joined the Corsario Sports Club and in 2018 he was certified as an International Instructor of Modern Sword Fighting organized by the Corsario Sports Club, ascending to Club Coordinator. In 2020 through the Corsarios Sports Club he participated in the Sqay World Championship in the Performance-Kawankai nomination organized by the International Council of Sqay of India, managing to obtain the 3rd place in its category. What promoted the formalization of his own school in public records for the year 2021.