International Council of Sqay

Secretary General - Mir Nazir Ahmad
Country: India
Club: IC Sqay
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Kashmir known as the valley of dreams and paradise on the earth. Kashmir has its own ancient cultural background and is famous for its cultural beauty, mountains, lakes, gardens and crafts. The history of “SQAY” can be traced in early days of Kashmir history, when man learnt to protect himself from wild animals, individually or collectively.

Before 4012 B.C Sqay Martial Art was used by kashmiri’s to protect themselves and used this art for kill animals for their food purposes. But after 3905 B.C the king “Diya Dev” give the training of this art to the soldiers for protection of Kashmir from enemies and give strict orders to follow up these rules to soldiers.

In 3889 B.C, a storm had destroyed whole Kashmir. The storm was known as (Tophani Nuh A.S). Storm of Nuh A.S, That storm had destroyed whole nation. The few people were alive in (Kohistans) forests of Kashmir.They used this art for protection themselves from wild animals and enemies, and using this art for killing animals for food purposes individually or collectively. After the storm of Nuh A.S when the Kashmir was rebuilt in the period of Kashwap Reshi then their was the democratic government.

The king of Kashmir “Puran Karan” started the training of “SQAY Martial Art for their solidiers and made it compulsory. In 3121 B.C king “Oukhand” was the king of Kashmir. In this period, a big war destroyed some parts of Kashmir. After 3121 B.C Kashmir was safe from invaders up to 1324 A.D. In 1324 A.D, Kashmir was once again attacked and this time the king “Zavel Qader Khan” Tatari defeated the king of Kashmir.

During the muslim period from 1325 A.D to 1819 A.D, the SQAY Martial Art training was compulsory for Kashmiri soldiers. These martial art were known as Kashmiri “Shamsherizen”.

After the 1819 A.D due to the poor intention of government, the ancient traditional war art of Kashmir was not developed and popularity thus vanishing this art of defense from Kashmir..

Now from the 2 decades from i.e 1987 we are working hard to develop this ancient traditional cultural martial art in world arena by conducting sports competitions of this art. We hope with in the limited period of time it will get popularity in world arena like other martial arts.

We Kashmiri’s must not forget that we have our indigenous martial art which is not below the standard of other martial arts.

Grandmaster Nazir Ahmad Mir a true legend in the Martial Arts community. Is one of the most respected artist of our time, Grandmaster Mir has been inducted to every major Martial Art Hall Of Fame and has shared his 35 years of knowledge with thousands of people around the world. Grandmaster Mir has student journey from all parts of the world to train and study and enhance their skill as a martial artist. Grandmaster Mir has also instructed some biggest personalities, stars as well as co-stars. Mir has 30 years teaching experience and the leading voice in SQAY Martial Art.