International Federation of Modern Sword Figthing

President - Maria Davydova
Country: Russia
Club: International Federation of MSF
Brief info

The (Russian) Federation of Modern Sword Fighting (FMSF) was established in 2011 by three founders – Davydova Maria (in those years the first Executive Director of the International centre of historic fencing "Excalibur"), Zimin Andrey (in those years the first captain of the national Team of Russia on Historical Medieval Combat at the world Championship in HMB "Battle of the Nations") and Koshelev Herman (a businessman, the first patron of the Federation of MSF).

Initially MSF was conceived not only as a mass public sport, but also as a “spring board” to prepare athletes for Historical Medieval Battle (HMB). Even then we realized that to obtain the strongest fighters for Historical Fencing (HF) in the long term we need to train them from childhood. Therefore, our goal was to create a fascinating, widespread, available and safe sport on the basis of historical fencing, but in soft and affordable sports interpretation, from which the strongest athletes could be transferred to the "iron" version of the favorite sport.

For the first three years (2011-2014), we were able to attract 45 regions of Russia to the Federation of MSF, and that allowed FMSF to obtain an official status of the Russian organization of physical culture and sports. The next crucial step in development was the First international tournament on MSF in Minsk on the 7th March, 2015, with the participation of 7 countries and that led us to the creation of the International Federation of MSF. Now there is an annual Championship of Europe on MSF and the International Federation of MSF already includes more than 15 countries.

We must also pay tribute to the Federation of Sports Sword, where I was lucky enough to work from 2007 to 2010, and from which the Modern Sword Fighting has grown as an alternative branch to "soft" fencing. To this day two of our Federation are friends and actively cooperate, having a common grid of competitions.

In 2012 there were already 27 Russian regions practicing MSF sportingly, in 2013 there were 37 regions, in 2014 there were 45 regions, in 2015 there were 52 regions, in 2016 there were 62 regions and in 2017 there were 71 Russian regions practicing HMB and MSF in gyms.

The same internationally began in 2015 with the first European tournament with 7 countries, in 2016, 8 countries participated, in 2017 there were already 13 countries and in 2018 there were already 21 countries including USA, Canada, Mexico, Peru and Chile. Today we are already 28 countries.