Asociación Mexicana de Modern Sword Fighting y Softcombat

President - Irwing Guzmán
Country: Mexico
Club: Asociación Mexicana de MSF y SC
Brief info

The Mexican Association of MSF and SC, part of the visit made by Maria Davydova to the city of Reynosa, to promote the practice of Modern Sword Fighting in November 2017.

In April 2018, the first MSF Seminar was held to accredit instructors and referees in the country of Mexico.

In 2019, the founding of the Mexican Association of MSF and SC began, to officially promote sports related to Historical Sport Combat.

Despite the pandemic in 2020, Mexico led the implementation of a new sports modality among 7 Spanish-speaking countries.

In 2021, the Mexican Association joined AID CHAMP to strengthen the promotion of these sports in the American continent.

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