Most historical sport combat clubs follow the International Federation, International Council or International Association ruleset of its discipline or some variation of these basic rules.

The fighter’s head has to be protected with a fencing mask, padded mask protector or jailed padded helmet, safety features and specifications of which comply with the same parameters of a helmet made to the choosen discipline.

The fighters would use torso, legs or arms protector, is not mandatory but each one decide if they use it or not. So, is mandatory for men use groins.

The fighter’s hand use a padded protector or a padded gauntlet to protect fingers and knuckles. Padded weapons are bludgeon and the force of the hit may harm your hand if is not covered.

Only in team combats, the fighters can tackle other.

Historical Sport Combat is so new and there a lot of on line stores who develop sport equipment for these disciplines, but we consider inclusive this sports, for that reason each country develop the best and safe equipment for their own national teams.

Is optional and depend of the nomination where you fight.

We hope no, but historical sport combat disciplines are full contact sport and have some risks. Depend of the fighters care together.

Each sport combat discipline have their own rules, basically two fighters hit each to other in a lapse of 1 minute to 3 minutes to make points to reach 5 or 10 points and define the sucess of the combat. Some combats consist in make the hit, stop fight, score the point and continue the fighting. In other rule, consist in do continues hits to reach the necessary points to win the round, a referee decide who win.

There teamfights by nomination in each disciplines. Team fights are usually formed by 3, 5, 7, 10, 13, 25 and 50 fighters by team. Big team fights can reach 100 fighters per team. Under 7 fighters per team, referees score the points and decide who fall and who keep the battle. Above 10 fighthers per team, points are not marked, the participants use full padded armor, the victory consist in tumbling down all opponents.

Professional combat not only consists of using techniques with weapons on the opponent, but more martial resources are used such as grappling, projections, kicks, pushes, blows using the shield or even the pommel of the padded sword. Reinforced full padded armor is required to withstand more intense and stronger combat. The fighters must have a good training and physical condition to avoid injuring themselves in the execution of their techniques. Currently only the International Federation of Modern Sword Fighting has this nomination called HARD MSF.

Usually are the referee or judges in the arena, they check the equipmente before start the combat, check the protections of the fighters and watch the fight to score points to show the winner of the round. All Main Judge are certified by an international sport organization.

The fighters need have their own health insurance for their own care.

Yes, as spectors, always with adults watching them.

AID CHAMP seek for do a grand tour of championship in each country that they have representation.

Yes, AID CHAMP works together others international organizations that regulate the discipline that is the subject of competition.


AID CHAMP promote the organization of tournaments of Historical Sport Combat in all their splendor and glory. Leap into the fray or simply enjoy the spectacle!