World Of Historical
Sport Combat!
Welcome To The Exciting Whether you are interested in foam, steel or anything in between, we can assist. We’ll help you find your path.
World Of Historical
Sport Combat!
Welcome To The Exciting Prepare youself for fight for fame and glory.
World Of Historical
Sport Combat!
Welcome To The Exciting Welcome to the best International Sport Organization where you will find beautiful action and entertainment.
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Eager To Fight?

There are internationals organizations throughout the world dedicated to promote, teach and cultivate the ancient combats with modern equipment based in padded weapons and armors, with more groups forming every day. Here you will find resources for getting equipment and training.


Want To Watch?

Most historical sport combat events are open to the public, including multi-day events, tournaments and festivals around the world. Here you will find everything from local fights to International fights with official national teams.


Shows, Championships & Sparrings


How Do I Get To Fight?

Historical Sport Combat clubs and amateur groups are forming all over the world. These clubs will be able to help guide you through proper training and equipment use. What you will find most often is that these groups also house a variety of other padded weapon western and eastern martial arts forms in addition to steel Armoured fights.


Team Members

Club Deportivo Corsarios

Country: Peru
Club: Corsarios
President - José Alvarado

Asociación Mexicana de Modern Sword Fighting y Softcombat

Country: Mexico
Club: Asociación Mexicana de MSF y SC
President - Irwing Guzmán

Asociación Turia Innovación Deportiva

Country: Spain
Club: Asoc. Turia Innovación Deportiva
President - Dario S. Rodriguez H.

International Federation of Modern Sword Figthing

Country: Russia
Club: International Federation of MSF
President - Maria Davydova


Most historical sport combat clubs follow the International Federation, International Council or International Association ruleset of its discipline or some variation of these basic rules.

The fighter’s head has to be protected with a fencing mask, padded mask protector or jailed padded helmet, safety features and specifications of which comply with the same parameters of a helmet made to the choosen discipline.

The fighter’s hand use a padded protector or a padded gauntlet to protect fingers and knuckles. Padded weapons are bludgeon and the force of the hit may harm your hand if is not covered.

Each sport combat discipline have their own rules, basically two fighters hit each to other in a lapse of 1 minute to 3 minutes to make points to reach 5 or 10 points and define the sucess of the combat. Some combats consist in make the hit, stop fight, score the point and continue the fighting. In other rule, consist in do continues hits to reach the necessary points to win the round, a referee decide who win.

There teamfights by nomination in each disciplines. Team fights are usually formed by 3, 5, 7, 10, 13, 25 and 50 fighters by team. Big team fights can reach 100 fighters per team. Under 7 fighters per team, referees score the points and decide who fall and who keep the battle. Above 10 fighthers per team, points are not marked, the participants use full padded armor, the victory consist in tumbling down all opponents.

Professional combat not only consists of using techniques with weapons on the opponent, but more martial resources are used such as grappling, projections, kicks, pushes, blows using the shield or even the pommel of the padded sword. Reinforced full padded armor is required to withstand more intense and stronger combat. The fighters must have a good training and physical condition to avoid injuring themselves in the execution of their techniques. Currently only the International Federation of Modern Sword Fighting has this nomination called HARD MSF.

Usually are the referee or judges in the arena, they check the equipmente before start the combat, check the protections of the fighters and watch the fight to score points to show the winner of the round. All Main Judge are certified by an international sport organization.