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AID CHAMP welcomes all to join and become historical sport combat promotor. We are fun, friendly, family orientated historical sport combat practitioners with some families of 3 generations taking part, and role for members of all ages.


Our Associates


We are international instructors, sport club leaders, international sport organizations and sport promotors in each country who promote the historical sport combat in differents disciplines as Modern Sword Fighting, Sqay, Soft-HEMA, Soft-HMB, Safe Weapon Sport Combat, Duan Bing, Sport Chanbara, etc.

Club Deportivo Corsarios

Country: Peru
Club: Corsarios
President - José Alvarado

Escuela Reigikan

Country: Peru
Club: Reigikan
President - Manuel Perales

Escuela Excalibur Perú

Country: Peru
Club: Excalibur
President - Juan M. Espinoza G.

International Sport Organizations support AID CHAMP with the rectory of their disciplines, and we support them promoting and educating their practitioners in develop it professionally

International Federation of Modern Sword Figthing

Country: Russia
Club: International Federation of MSF
President - Maria Davydova

International Council of Sqay

Country: India
Club: IC Sqay
Secretary General - Mir Nazir Ahmad