What is Modern Sword Fighting?

Modern Sword Fighting is a martial art where athletes use “slashing” technique with a medieval bladed weapon, and at the same time applying safe sports inventory: “sports sword”, “sports shield”, which are made of polymeric materials according to a special technology.

Benefits and features of MSF

Modern Sword Fighting helps develop physical and intellectual abilities of a person, to develop motor activity, coordination and the formation of a healthy lifestyle.

Modern Sword Fighting can engage everyone regardless age (from 3 to 63 years old), sex, physical status and social status.

MSF is accessible to people with disabilities thanks to light equipment, exciting training and competitive process.

              This sport is for everyone!

Traditions of Sword Fighting

Since ancient times people have been fighting  with swords. The culture of fighting 1 by 1 got a special push in development in the middle ages. In the era of middle ages the first manuscripts and original books about the art of  swords fighting by Talhoffer, Lichtenauer, Mayer and others started to appear.

Modern Sword Fighting continues to save and develop historical traditions of a duel with swords, giving it a new modern and sporty accent.

Athletes, who have held years of trainings with soft swords, after growing up  are able to participate effectively  at international HMB- movement , 1st Class Battles of WMFC, and the world Championships “Cup Dynamo” and “Battle of  the Nations”.


Modern Sword  Fighting is currently developing in 55 regions of Russia,  more than 28 countries of Europe and the world as Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, France, UK, Latvia, Estonia, Austria, Turkey, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, USA, Canada, Israel, Moldova, Pakistan, Argentina, Finland, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Peru and others.

Modern Sword Fighting as a sport has got:


1. Original sports rules;

2. A set of criteria to evaluate the athletes’ training level;

3. A grid of sports competitions at various levels: municipal, regional, national, international;

4. The original technique trainings of athletes;

5. Special equipment and ammunition for trainings and competitive processes;

6. Its own methods of trainings and certification of referees, coaches and instructors;

7. Specially designed and regulated system of organization the grounds for holding competitions.

Special protective equipment for MSF

Mandatory protective equipment for all parts of the body is used in MSF, including:

1. A helmet with a metal mask and full protection of the head, with additional protection of necks and napes

2. Protection of the body with enhanced protection of ribs and shoulders

3. Protection of hands: forearm + elbow

4. Foot Protection: Shin + knee

5. Wrist Protection

6. Groin Protection


The Main Disciplines – Nominations:

  • One-Handed Sword
  • Sword and Shield
  • Sword and Buckler
  • Two-Handed Sword
  • Triathlon (3 combats of Sword and Shield, Sword and Buckler and Two-Handed Sword)
  • Two Short Swords (Kali)
  • Duel Sabers
  • Shascka & Buckler
  • Oriental Saber
  • Hard MSF
  • Team Fight Sword & Shield 5vs5
  • Team Fight Shascka & Buckler 3vs3


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